Eshma Kol

Eshma Kol is the starting city of the campaign.

Eshma Kol is a city located in the northeastern edge of Tor Burrok. It has no shortage of lumber and mineral resources, however food is another matter. Even with fishing the ocean within the Invisible Wall, there isn’t much extra food to go around. People are not starving, and with the use of divine magics by the priests, there is more than enough to go around. However, this dependence on magic is unsettling, and many of the citizens are hoping to find game to hunt outside the wall.

Eshma Kol has a Parliamentary government, headed by Kesa ValHander. On the whole, the city is Lawful Neutral, with differing parts of the city having differing alignments. It is only out of necessity that so many races and faiths gathered together, and after three thousand years, that strain is becoming more and more taxing.

The city has a rough population of about one million. Because of this, many of the subterranean races moved under ground. The nobles of the surface-dwelling races built homes and manors, gravitating towards towers and tall buildings rather than wide ones. Normal conventions in urban planning usually dictate the bottom floor of a shop be for the commoners, with the more expensive shops being on the higher levels, with the highest floor being the residence of the shopkeeper. Housing follows a similar pattern, with sleeping quarters on the top floors, with the gathering areas on the bottom floors.

Points of Interest:
Keld Isle Prison
The Hall of the Lost Arts
The Warriors’ Grounds
The Mages’ Quarter
The Downmines
The Gardens
The Hallowed Grounds
The Black Sanctuary
The Merchants’ Bazaar
The High Mountain
The Governmental District

Eshma Kol

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