• Guard1


    Guards of Eshma Kol. They use long swords and steel shields, and are the most numerous amongst the guards.
  • Guard2


    Guards of Eshma Kol. They use short bows to attack from a distance and resort to short swords when forced into melee.
  • Guard3


    Guards of Eshma Kol. They are incredibly agile and are primarily used to hunt down fugitives within the city. They use rapiers in melee and light crossbows at a range. They are authorized to use paralytic poison in the apprehension of fugitives.
  • Gyoro


    A Forest Gnome with astoundingly good luck. It's not currently known to the party what the source of this luck is, but he seems to trust it implicitly. He travels with Trukk, who defends him religiously.
  • Lord Galleus Reudvar Astima Verud Espine

    Lord Galleus Reudvar Astima Verud Espine

    Called "Lord Grave" as both an acronym of his name, and as a nickname for just how ruthless he is. He is a cunning and clever wizard who sought out a group of adventurers to sponsor on their travels into the Wilds.
  • Trukk


    A giant Half-Orc who is incredibly strong, even for a member of his race. His skill with the Full Blade is peerless. While he isn't very intelligent, he knows more about combat, strategy, and tactics than almost anyone.
  • Warden G'Tol D'razzio

    Warden G'Tol D'razzio

    A Dark Elven Fighter/Rogue who specializes in the use of two daggers. He was appointed the Warden of Keld Island Prison and is part of a faction of citizens that wishes the world to stay as it is.